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Football is the most popular sport in Jamaica and indeed all across the world.

Millions of people world-wide are tuned in to live matches every week from leagues in England, Spain, Italy, other areas in Europe and South America, not to mention international matches and the European Champions League when it comes around. It ’s no different in Jamaica where we also follow our Reggae Boyz wherever they play in the world.

In Jamaica, our own culture dictates us being drawn to the sport. Indeed not just the public shows a vested interest, but sponsors battle to be aligned with football, e.g. the ISSA schoolboy season, the local premiership, the national junior and senior programmes (especially when World Cup qualification begins) and of course coverage of the World Cup Finals every four years.

Football drives discussion – in schools, in bars, at the workplace, at home, in the public bathrooms, indeed just about anywhere a conversation can be had.

All the crescendo of talk and discussions and ideas will be channelled every week for one hour in Football GPS hosted by Wayne Walker and produced by Donald Oliver